The accio piano trio was founded by three chamber music-loving students at Mozarteum University Salzburg in 2013. Despite their young age, the ensemble has since given way more than 100 concerts in twelve countries and on three continents. The musicians stand out due to their refreshing, unpretentious style of playing, their quest for faithfulness to the original and intelligent, meaningful concert programmes. The trio has focussed on early works by great composers and the discovery of less-known treasures of the piano trio repertoire.

Here you can find all the important information about us and of course about our upcoming performances. We are looking forward to seeing you in one of our next concerts!


“Mit einem Zusammenspiel, das in einer spürbaren musikalischen emotionalen Bindung zum Ausdruck kam, überzeugte das erfahrene Salzburger Trio in jeder Hinsicht.”

Mittelbadische Presse | 7.2.2018

“eine Palette voller himmlischer Klänge faszinierte das Publikum”

Segeberger Zeitung | 24.3.2018

“Christina Scheicher domptant son piano, Leo Morello son violoncelle et Clemens Böck son violon, jouant allégrement et usant de précision, clarté, multiplicité, rapidité et parfois en toute légèreté”

Le Quotidien – Senegal | 08.12.2017

“Le Théâtre national Daniel Sorano a été illuminé […] par l’ensemble autrichien, “Accio Piano Trio”

Le Soleil – Senegal | 09.12.2017

“Musiker bestechen mit herrlichen Kantilenen”

Böhme-Zeitung | 27.06.2017